Create your own wooden baby toys with a video from design brand ONNO BRUU

Available online | Apr 05, 2023

Price: 1,000 Points

Time of Event: Apr 5, 2023 04:05:00 PM EDT

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Experience Description

Discover how to make eco-conscious sensory objects and rattles perfect for ages 3-6 months

Embrace your crafty side and learn how to make eco-conscious baby toys in a video workshop from ONNO BRUU. Follow along with sustainability-focused product designer Anneli Anglas Rodríguez as she guides you through the steps of creating adorable wooden griffins and rattles that are free of plasticizers, synthetics, toxins, and additives. Your handmade item will be perfect for helping babies ages 3-6 months develop their sensory and fine motor skills. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.

What's priceless

Delighting the little ones in your circle of family and friends with thoughtful and resourceful toys you made yourself.

The highlights

  • Take a toy-design workshop from artisanal brand ONNO BRUU
  • Try your hand at crafting wooden griffins and rattles
  • Create a memorable baby gift that's free of plastics and toxins


  • Experience is valid until 01 August 2023
  • Experience provided in English

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