Savour an all-inclusive night of dinner and ballet at the Teatro Real

Madrid, Spain | May 11, 2023

Price: 49,000 Points

Time of Event: May 11, 2023 05:45:00 PM EDT

See full Access Terms and Conditions or FAQs for more details.

Experience Description

Tour backstage before the show and tuck into a three-course meal at Salón Isabel II after the show

Settle into a night of exquisite theatre and gastronomy in Madrid on 11 May 2023. Begin your night with a tour of the Teatro Real, where you'll see backstage areas usually inaccessible to the public. Then, take your premium ground floor seats for a performance of Raymonda, presented by the English National Ballet and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Round off the evening with a three-course dinner at Salón Isabel II, where you'll feast on smoked salmon, veal, and a dessert of pear and caramel tarte tatin. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.

What's priceless

Discussing the finer points of the performance with fellow theatregoers over a luxurious dinner.

The highlights

  • Take a backstage tour of the Teatro Real
  • Watch a ballet performance of Raymonda
  • Indulge in a three-course dinner at Salón Isabel II


  • Experience is valid for participants 12 years old and older
  • Experience is valid until 11 May 2023
  • Experience takes place on 11 May 2023 at 5:45 p.m.
  • Experience is for a maximum of 13 people
  • Price listed is for 1 person
  • Each guest may purchase up to 3 tickets

Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted

Terms and Conditions

  1. The experience is only available on the Priceless website:
  2. The experience will be available while tickets last and no refunds will be given.
  3. The Mastercard cardholders and their companions must show the PDF vouchers sent by the Priceless team to identify themselves on the guest list.
  4. Payment is to be made using a Mastercard.
  5. Those attending must be at the place indicated in the offer description at the time stated in order to benefit from this experience.
  6. Tickets are individual and each PDF only allows access to one person.
  7. This Priceless experience includes a ticket to enjoy the show Raymonda by English National Ballet from prime seats in the ground floor, as well as a previous guided visit at Teatro Real and a Priceless dinner at Salón Isabel II after the show.
  8. Seats in the ground floor are located in row 6 (seats 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32), row 7 (seats 30 and 32) and row 8 (seats 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30). Tickets will be assigned in order of purchase and following the order established by Teatro Real.
  9. Tickets will be sent in PDF format and by email days before the experience takes place. These tickets are the only valid for accessing the theatre.
  10. In case of Salón Isabel II is not available on the day of the experience, dinner will be held in another space recommended by Teatro Real.
  11. Dinner will be enjoyed at a shared table for all those attending the experience.
  12. In case of allergy or food intolerance, please reach out to us by writing an email to before acquiring the experience.
  13. People with reduced mobility who purchase tickets for this experience will have to inform the Priceless team by email at for the logistical organization of the different spaces.
  14. The minimum age required to enjoy the experience is 12 years old.
  15. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for this experience will be three (3) per person, regardless of whether that person holds different Mastercard cards or uses different e-mails to identify themselves. Mastercard reserves the right to verify that this requirement is met, being able to cancel the purchase of tickets that exceed that maximum, and to proceed to the return of the amounts paid by the user.
  16. In order to be able to enjoy the experiences as well as any gifts that, where appropriate, are offered together with them in each case, it will be essential for the user to come to the place where the Experience is held on the day and time indicated. In the event of not attending the experience according to the indications provided, the user will lose the right to enjoy any of the advantages described in the offer, including the delivery of the gifts, if any, offered in such experience.
  17. The program may undergo changes due to unforeseen circumstances.
  18. To make payment, you will need to ensure the authentication system of your Mastercard is activated on the secure electronic commerce system, which is required in order to shop online in the European Union.
  19. This experience may be recorded by Mastercard. Therefore, we inform you that your image and voice (hereinafter, the "Image") may be captured during the experience. You authorize that your Image may be captured and subsequently used and disseminated, in whole or in part, without any time or territorial limit and through any and all modalities and/or forms of exploitation (including, without limitation, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available, transformation, synchronization, translation into any language, etc.), for promotional, advertising and dissemination purposes of the Priceless Offers, promotions and/or experiences, as well as the Priceless Program and Mastercard. This authorization will also be effective in favor of other persons and/or entities that are authorized, directly or indirectly, by Mastercard, to use and/or disseminate in whole or in part the Offers, promotions, or experiences (including Idonika GMBA S.L. and the financial entities issuing MasterCard Credit Cards), and your Image may be used together with their trademarks and distinctive signs. The use and dissemination of your Image, for the aforementioned purposes, may be carried out through any and all means, internal and external means (Priceless Platform, social networks and other means available to them). External mans are managed by third parties that operate independently from Mastercard, with their own privacy notices or policies, and Mastercard is not responsible for the content, use or privacy practices of these external means. 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The Data will include both data provided by you when entering into this contract and in performance of this contract (such as identification data, contact details and/or transactional data, this being a contractual requirement for the establishment of this relationship) and data collected in connection with the execution of this authorization and/or the interaction between Mastercard and you (such as your Image). The Image, as Personal Data, will be processed for the purposes set out in this authorization, and the Other Data will be processed for the purposes of managing the contractual relationship established herein (on the legal basis of the execution of the contractual relationship), as well as to comply with any applicable legal obligations (the legal basis being the fulfillment of a legal obligation). The Data will not be subject to any automated decision-making. Mastercard may communicate the Data to public administrations and/or relevant judicial bodies insofar as it is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation (on the legal basis of the fulfillment of such an obligation) or necessary and/or appropriate for the defense of its legitimate rights (on the basis of its overriding interest in the defense of those rights). Mastercard may also disclose to Mastercard Group companies (i) the Image, for the purposes described above, and the Other Data for the same purposes as set out above (based on an overriding legitimate interest in ensuring the efficient management of the group). In addition, Mastercard may share the Data with its marketing agencies, legal advisors, companies providing support for its computer systems and/or any other processors who access the personal data solely for the purpose of providing a service to Mastercard. Further, Personal Data may be shared with financial institutions issuing Mastercard Credit Cards and/or with third party entities and organizations that are licensees or assignees and/or with whom Mastercard collaborates and/or works with for the purposes described herein, as well as with media, social networks and the general public, in any form and through any means (based on the prevailing legitimate interest in the development and management of its business). The Personal Data may be communicated and/or transferred outside Spanish territory, but within the European Union and, outside the European Union, to those countries to which it is necessary to transfer the Personal Data in order to fulfill the purposes described above. Should it be necessary to transfer the Personal Data to countries outside the European Union that have not been recognized by the European Commission as countries with an adequate level of protection in terms of data protection, such transfer will be made by adopting appropriate guarantees such as, for example, the signing of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission (including the enhanced guarantees that are relevant by virtue of the Ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union issued on 16 July 2020 in case C-311/18). The Data will be retained as long as the recording of the experience is used and the materials created from the recording of the experience are disseminated, commercialized and/or exploited in accordance with these terms and conditions and, beyond that, for the period of time that the law sets as being of mandatory conservation or, if it is longer, for the status of limitation of any actions for which the data may be necessary according to applicable legislation. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition, portability and/or withdrawal of the consent by writing to the addresses of Idonika GMBA, S.L. 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