Learn to craft sustainable cocktails at home with a lesson from Barflies

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Experience Description

Discover zero-waste philosophies and how they apply to serving up delightful cocktail creations

Shake up your home bar with delicious, sustainable cocktails from this downloadable video masterclass by Barflies, an experienced bar catering & consulting company. Follow along with Marios Vlahakis and Iro Kalomiri as they share three delicious yet easy-to-make cocktail recipes you can make at home, with or without alcohol, to complement any meal. You'll use seasonal fruits and local herbs as well as common pantry ingredients already in your kitchen, as you apply the zero-waste principles to mixology. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.

What's priceless

Delighting guests with a zero-waste cocktail that doesn't compromise on taste.

The highlights

  • Download a video masterclass featuring Barflies' Marios Vlahakis and Iro Kalomiri
  • Mix three sustainable cocktails using seasonal fruits and pantry staples
  • Master new mixology skills to show off at your next party
  • Learn how sustainability and the zero-waste philosophy meets home mixology
  • Upcycle the ingredients you already have at home


  • Experience is available only to MastercardĀ® cardholders
  • This experience will be delivered as a prerecorded video and will be available for download until further notice.
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  • The video is available in Greek with English subtitles.
  • This video features these 3 cocktail recipes:
    • Garden Fizz
    • Grandma's Bloody Mary
    • Mediterranean Sangria

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    • Experience is only available to Mastercard cardholders.
    • Experience video is available in Greek with English subtitles.
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